Renovation of the Cité Carl-Vogt

Built in the 1960s by the Honegger brothers, the Cité Carl-Vogt is part of a vast post-war reflection on the production of social housing, standardisation and economy of means. In addition to rental housing, the architectural ensemble also houses a nursery, several restaurants, shops and offices.
Unrenovated for 60 years, it had become essential to improve the energy performance, clean up the HVAC systems, renovate the common areas and develop the common spaces of this urban complex which has a great generational and social mix.
Built on the basis of a 60 x 60 constructional grid devised in Africa, the Moroccan standard can be seen in the box slabs at the level of the balconies, canopies and roof and cannot be concealed by peripheral insulation.
After a two-round selective procedure, the MSV-CCHE consortium was chosen for a renovation project that reconciles social, heritage and usage values with energy and environmental requirements.
Winning project of competition 2015

architecture / implementation
year – 2022
client – Hospice General
area – approx. 40,500 m² GFA
team – in association with CCHE architects, ZS (civil engineers), SRG (E & HVAC engineers), Blue études (S engineers), Haldi (safety engineers)
photo – Seraina Wirz, Laura Keller and msv

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