Creation of a pedestrian zone Chemin du Vieux-Port

The development project involves upgrading the paths and car parks between the Route de Suisse and the lake at the Port-Choiseul, in particular the Chemin du Vieux-Port, the Chemin des Graviers and the Bordier car park. The port and beach attract large numbers of visitors in the summer months. The development aims to improve the cohabitation of different modes of transport, reduce nuisance for local residents and improve the comfort and safety of pedestrians. The new landscaping takes account of the heritage value of the site. Planted strips have been created on either side of the road to combat urban heat islands. Measures taken: creation of 30 km/h zones and pedestrian zones, development of pedestrian-friendly areas (widening of pavements, treatment of pavements, street furniture), redirection of vehicles to available parking spaces by means of signposts on the Route de Suisse.

Best of Anthos (FSAP) 2024

landscape / implementation
year – 2022
client – ​​City of Versoix
area – 16.3 ha
team – Solfor, Batec (civil engineers), Transitec (mobility engineer)
photo – Pascal Tea

location →
Plan d'aménagement →


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