City centre ZAC Valmar

The Valmar urban renewal project aims to create a city centre that reinforces the existing central functions. In order to reduce the share of individual motorised transport, soft mobility links, an increase in the frequency of bus routes and the sharing of underground car parks are planned. The redevelopment of the banks of the river La Mère makes it possible to manage the risks of flooding that threaten a large sector of the project. This landscaping restores ecological continuity and ensures the collection of rainwater from the new district. The operational phase started in 2011 and the first residential and commercial buildings were delivered in spring 2015. The new urban centre is organised in four stages and blocks according to a periodically updated guide plan.

urban planning / implementation
year – 2011 to 2018
client – ​​SAS Société d’Aménagement de la Savoie, municipality of La Ravoire
area – 12 ha
team – Atelier Ritz Architecte in association with De-So architects
photo – msv and Emmanuel Ritz

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