Les Vergers eco-district in Meyrin

The Vergers eco-district is located at the interface between town and country on a plot of land facing the Jura. Thanks to a framework of hierarchical public spaces, the new district creates links with the city of Meyrin and the surrounding countryside. It values the open ground, the restoration of natural cycles and the preservation of its agricultural soil. This project of 1100 dwellings, half of which are cooperatives, is composed of three built entities with contrasting urban morphologies, shops and local facilities. The eco-district is characterised by:
– A framework of public spaces combining open-air water management and public facilities
– A car-free district favouring active modes of transport
– A city of the quarter of an hour that abounds in services and collective initiatives: urban agriculture, community life and meeting places.
Wakker Prize 2022 awarded to the municipality of Meyrin

urban planning / implementation
year – 2010 Meyrin-Les Vergers, PLQ n°29674 and Charter of public spaces, adopted in 2011
client – ​​State of Geneva and Commune of Meyrin
area – 13.9 ha
photo – Gaëtan Bally for Swiss Heritage and msv

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vidéo – Exposition les Vergers →
pdf – PLQ →
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