MEP Restructuring of the urban hub of the Cornavin station, phase 1

The restructuring of the Cornavin urban area requires the development of strategies and working tools to coordinate and guide the actions and actors involved in the transformation of the sector over the next 10 years and beyond. Indeed, there can be no fixed solutions at this stage, but rather guidelines and principles that will be refined over time. Thus, instead of the usual sectoral approaches (engineers, urban planners or landscape architects, programmers, environmentalists, etc.), it is a question of developing integrated, pragmatic and innovative approaches including at the same time :
– long-term visions as well as the identification of current emergencies
– a general project attitude, aiming to create room for manoeuvre.
Four complementary strategic axes are likely to set the station centre in motion:
Quality – Welcoming spaces for the public
Generosity – Living hinge
Permeability – Airy hub
Dynamism – Piece of the city

urbanism / competition
year – 2017
client – City of Geneva
team – Güller Güller (architect-urbanist), mrs partner sa (planning), BCPH (mobility engineer)

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Etude phase 1 →


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